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Our Clients

The Consultant/Designer
As irrigation consultant/designer, your primary goal is to create a functional and economical design for the golf course client. A proper installation by a qualified and dependable contractor is an essential piece to that puzzle. Let us prove to you why our 50-year reputation is so richly deserved. Contact us today about including Tanto on your next bid list.

The Golf Course Superintendent
The condition of your golf course is your calling card. It is like a child, to be cared for and reared with attention to detail. . At some point, a new irrigation system is a critical component of that endeavor. Tanto takes great pride in the superintendent relationships we have developed over the years and we regularly correspond with them on irrigation issues long after our time spent on their project. We believe that we are merely a guest during our time with you, and like any good guest, our aim is to leave something better when we are gone. It may be a short-term project to some, but it's a long-lasting relationship to us.

The Country Club
Your Club isn't just where you play golf, it is where you relax and regain your sanity. It is a place where less is more. We understand that and that is why all our crews go about their business in a manner that is most inconspicuous. Our intention is to preserve your place of sanctuary while we are improving it. Ask around, many clients don't even know we were there.

The Public Course
This is the most difficult proposition, with more rounds than the turf can bear and precious little time to care for it. We understand the need to accommodate the player during the construction process and plan for the installation accordingly. We are capable of speeding up or slowing down the construction process where necessary to meet any expectation or requirement the client may have.

Anytime Anywhere:
Tanto is fully functional when it comes to location. We can provide labor only services or bring the whole package to the table. We travel with little disruption to the organizational flow and support that is vital to a project’s success. We own and truck our own equipment within the Continental US and have developed dependable National rental resources to provide whatever is necessary to be productive.