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"Leave No Trace"

Tanto Irrigation is dedicated to providing the very best in Golf Irrigation systems as a professional installer. Our mission is to enhance the facilities where we perform our work, not only with the finished product, but also through the manner by which we go about our business.

Our best asset is our people. Dedicated individuals committed to a team concept and loyal to the idea that what they leave behind says something about themselves. We believe in a work ethic, a way of doing business that seeks to make all involved with a project the very best that they can be. We are a service company that just happens to be in the irrigation contracting business. Everyone involved in the design, specification, manufacture and supply chain is just as much our customer as the course owner with which we contract. If your business or asset is enhanced by our involvement in a project, then we have accomplished our directive.


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In Their Own Words

The work was always out of the top drawer, you strategically maneuvered around the course with the least amount of disruption possible to our golfers and guests, your crews were polite, professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. It’s clear to me that they take great pride in their work by their attention to detail and the quality of the finished product.

– Matt Hopper, Golf Course Superintendent Liberty Mountain

The professionalism, high quality, and efficiency of work shown by your company are unlike any other irrigation contractor I have worked with.

– Nick Shaan, VP Design Associate, DMK Golf Design

There is no doubt in our mind that a premium for Tanto was the best value for every dollar we spent and would do it all over again exactly the same way.

– Todd Pollini, Golf Course Superintendent, Bald Peak Colony Club

Time and time again, my membership was totally impressed by the quality of the installation.

– Peter A. Hasak, Grounds Manager, Tedesco Country Club

Tanto was the logical choice for me and we were willing and did pay more for in respect to the other contractors considered. Tanto met and exceeded any and all expectations that I had. I would not change a thing.

– Paul Crawford, Golf Course Superintendent, Palm Beach Country Club

Tanto turned what we on the board thought had potential to be a nightmare in to a non-event, and for that we are all grateful.

– Ron Treveloni, Chairman, Roxiticus Golf Club

Their accounting for each phase of the project was timely and precise. Their work crews worked tirelessly and were very professional. I can see why they are considered the best irrigation company in the United States.

– Tim Lynch, General Manager, Kernwood Country Club

My membership was astounded by the work ethic exhibited by your ground people. Never in all my years in the business have I had a full membership completely happy and satisfied with a project, before, during and after completion.

- Mark A. Richards, Golf Course Superintendent, Kirkbrae Country Club

I tell folks that it is like performing a heart transplant with the patient awake and smiling. Simply, this is the best work of its kind, (or any work I have seen performed on a golf course in my 36 years I the business, for that matter), that I have ever been part of. Thanks so much for the experience.

– Bill Spence, Grounds Superintendent, The Country Club

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